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    It’s the same in any kitchen; we all love eating but no-one likes doing the washing up! But it needs to be done and washing up your bird feeders is no different. There are some simple things that you can do daily that will help preserve the life of your feeders and save you time and money in the long run. Here are some of our tried and tested tips for keeping your bird feeders clean and ultimately keeping your garden birds healthy.

    1. Clean water should be offered daily so whilst you’re refilling it just make sure you wipe round the dish to remove any dirt, husks of leftovers may have accumulated.
    2. Clean any feeding trays and tables when they’re empty and make sure all food is removed from mesh trays or small holes before you refill them. This will prevent food from building up and going unnoticed.
    3. If your food is taking too long to be eaten, put less food out or buy smaller feeders. The longer food stays in feeder the higher the risk of it going stale or mouldy and becoming inedible.
    4. Move your feeders and feeding stations regularly. This prevents droppings and waste accumulating underneath the feeder which can cause disease and attract unwanted vermin.
    5. Try and purchase high quality feeders that have an easy clean functionality. There are several on the market which can be broken down completely, including these Ring-Pull Seed Feeders which we use here on the farm.
    6. Clean your feeders regularly. We all know how easily seed and suet can get wedged into small gaps and how quickly feeders can weather, so it’s important to give your cleaners a thorough clean with disinfectant and warm water when you notice any kind of build up. Bird Feeder Cleaning Brushes can come in handy for longer feeders.
    7. There are lots of bird feeder specific cleaning products and disinfectants available – but any animal safe cleaning product is suitable to use.
    8. If you notice a sick bird or animal in your garden, even if you don’t see them on your feeders, give your bird feeding set-up a complete clean straight away.
    9. If your feeders reach the stage where you’re unable to completely remove grime from them, it’s best to replace them completely.
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