Offer Sunflower Hearts and Nyger Seed

Goldfinches are known to love Nyger seed, which is a small black seed full of healthy proteins and oils. Greenfinches and Redpolls are also known to return to Nyger Seed feeders (as well as Siskins).

Sunflower Hearts are also popular with finches as they are very soft and easy for the small Goldfinch bills to break through.

Be Patient

It can take a long time for Goldfinches to find a new food supply, that includes a food supply in a new garden to them and also new feeders in a familiar garden.

Use Hanging Feeders

Goldfinches rarely feed on the ground so try using high quality hanging seed feeders for your sunflower hearts, and nyger feeders for your nyger seed.

Use seed feeders with multiple perches

Goldfinches tend to stay in large groups of anything from 2 up to 10 birds.

Using feeders with multiple perches allows lots of birds around one feeder and also lets them sit and wait their turn at the feeding holes.

If you don't use multiple feeders with perches you might notice lots of finches fluttering around the feeders and eventually leaving.

Plant wildflowers

If you want to try something more natural, Goldfinches are known to love the teasel plant, lavender and dandelions. All of which are very easy to get hold of in the UK and fairly simple to maintain.

Start small

Seed and feeders can be expensive and it can take a long time for Goldfinches to find your garden - so start with an inexpensive feeder. We recommend the Goldfinch Finder; a small feeder full of nyger seed that retails for around £5.00. You can find them on our website here.

The best foods to attract goldfinches to your garden are Nyger Seeds and Sunflower Hearts. You can try both on our website with free next day delivery on selected products.