The key to attracting a variety of wild birds lies in choosing the right feeder. Here, we present our top 10 best-selling bird feeders, each tailored to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to attract colourful goldfinches or friendly robins or just want to keep those pesky squirrels at bay, we've got you covered.

1. Heritage Ground Feeder

Ideal for ground-feeding birds like robins, blackbirds, and wrens, the Heritage Ground Feeder is our best rated bird feeder. It features a sturdy cage that protects food from larger birds and pests. Its design ensures that only the intended birds can access the feed, making it a must-have for ground-feeding enthusiasts.

2. Squirrel Buster Bird Feeders

If you're tired of squirrels raiding your bird feeders, the Squirrel Buster range is your answer. These feeders are ingeniously designed with a weight-activated mechanism that closes the feeding ports when a squirrel or large bird lands on them, ensuring only your small feathered friends get the food. Currently, these are best squirrel proof bird feeder in the UK.

3. BigEasy Seed Feeder

Known for its durability and ease of cleaning, the BigEasy Bird Feeder is a versatile choice that attracts a wide range of birds. With multiple feeding ports, it allows several birds to dine simultaneously, making your garden a bustling hub of avian activity.

robin sitting on best up close window bird feeder

4. UpClose™ Window Feeder

For those who enjoy watching birds up close, the UpClose™ Window Feeder is a perfect pick. This window-mounted feeder features strong suction cups and a clear design, offering excellent visibility so you can enjoy a front-row seat to the birds' feeding antics.

trinity bird feeder hanging from tree outside

5. Trinity Bird Feeder

The Trinity Bird Feeder stands out with its three different feeding stations, allowing you to offer a variety of foods at once. This innovative design attracts a diverse range of bird species, which will bring vibrant colour and song.

6. National Trust Hanging Bird Feeding Table

Combining functionality with sustainability, the National Trust Hanging Bird Feeding Table provides an open platform for birds to perch and feed. It's suitable for a variety of species, including ground feeding birds like bullfinches, robins, and blackbirds.

7. Goldfinch Finder Feeder

Specifically designed for goldfinches, the Goldfinch Finder Feeder features small feeding ports perfect for dispensing niger seed, a favourite of these vibrant birds. Its specialised design helps attract and retain goldfinches, adding a splash of colour to your garden.

8. I Love Robins Feeder

Robins are a beloved sight in any garden, and the I Love Robins Feeder is tailored just for them. With an easily accessible feeding dish and an open design, this feeder invites robins and other small birds to enjoy a safe and welcoming feeding spot.

2 great tits eating from Eco Beacon Bird Feeder

9. Eco Beacon Bird Feeder

For the eco-conscious bird lover, the Eco Beacon Bird Feeder is a perfect choice. Made from sustainable materials, this sleek, modern feeder offers a panoramic view and continuous seed flow, ensuring all feeding ports are accessible. It's particularly great for attracting smaller, clinging birds like tits.

robin flying to heavy duty bird feeder

10. Heavy Duty Feeder

Constructed from robust aluminium with a stylish matte black finish, the Heavy Duty Feeder is built to withstand any weather conditions. The integrated tray with drainage holes prevents feed wastage and provides a comfortable perch for birds, including ground-feeding species like robins and blackbirds.

Choosing the right feeder can make a world of difference in attracting and enjoying the beauty of wild birds in your garden. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your bird-feeding repertoire, these top feeders offer something for every bird lover. Happy birdwatching!