Last weekend saw the annual Big Garden Birdwatch hosted by the RSPB. An amazing event where anyone of any age or ability can get involved in recording the birds in their garden or local park for one hour at some point over the weekend and record the results. People signed up on the RSPB website in their hundreds of thousands and the Big Garden Birdwatch was ready to begin!

The fantastic thing about the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch is that everyone could get involved. Families, neighbours and communities got together to see the beautiful birds that we all have in our gardens.

A week later and already over 170,000 surveys have been submitted to the RSPB and there are a huge number still to be added. So far, according to the results already submitted, over 5,411,904 birds were spotted! How amazing is that?!

So this just shows how lucky we are to have all these amazing and beautiful birds in our gardens and parks. Look after them and they will keep coming back. We have many ways to feed your garden birds here at Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food. We love birds just as much as you do and we want to keep seeing that number of birds rising every year in our gardens and parks.