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  1. How Long Does It Take Birds To Eat New Food?

    How Long Does It Take Birds To Eat New Food?

    "I've switched to a different type/supplier of bird food and now my birds won't eat it" We hear this on a regular basis - and it's a completely valid concern. When you switch to a new bird food, you want to know that your birds are going to love it straight away but this isn't […]

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  2. Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

    Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

    It is that time of year again and to us it is just as exciting as a new series of I'm a Celebrity or Strictly Come Dancing! Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce to you (drum roll please)... THE BIG GARDEN BIRDWATCH.   Save the Date January 26th - January 28th 2019 Over 38 years ago THE […]

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  3. Falling for Fieldfare

    Falling for Fieldfare

    We know we shouldn't have favourites, but here on the Ivel Valley farm we do have a soft spot for Fieldfare. It is believed their name originates from the Anglo-Saxon word 'Fledware' which means 'traveller of the fields.' Fieldfares are part of the thrush family. They are large birds with a beautiful black and white […]

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  4. Wonders of the Waxwings

    Wonders of the Waxwings

    The Northerners Waxwings remind us of the punks of the bird world. Not because of their inappropriate behaviour or dressing room demands, but because of their beautiful Mohawks, or crests as they are officially called. Waxwings are small, chunky birds with short little legs and a grey body flecked with bright yellow, red, black and […]

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  5. We Love Robin Red Breasts!

    We Love Robin Red Breasts!

    You say, Batman. We say ROBIN! We are convinced the Robins which visit our farm are getting friendlier, more inquisitive and dare we say it; more demanding! The site of the Robin Redbreast to us means Christmas, mulled wine, mince pies, crispy cold frosty mornings are slowly creeping upon us. Of course, we just LOVE […]

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  6. What Kind of Bird Feed You Should Use This Winter

    What Kind of Bird Feed You Should Use This Winter

    'Tis the season to be jolly'... OK so maybe it is a bit early for a festive song! However, we think we can safely say winter is upon us. The first snow flurry has hit the farm today. Now being as we grow bird seed, we, of course, know a thing or two about what […]

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