After five years making bird food for local suppliers, farmers Nick and James Parrish have decided to allow more bird lovers access to their increasingly popular product range by creating an online store at dedicated to providing the very best bird food made by the experts. This really is the future of bird feeding as they have a unique philosophy: grow – make – deliver. To add to this, the farm is serious about sustainability; growing crops to the LEAF Environmental Standard and producing their own solar electricity to run the bird food production unit.

Nick and James Parrish are passionate about filling your garden with beautiful birds and as such have focused on developing products that really work. For instance, their Ready Peck 5 A Day range includes everything a bird needs using a blend of seeds, nuts, oats, suet, fruit or insects. The brothers have a real frustration with low quality mixes on the market which typically contain a high percentage of wheat seeds which are not eaten by the smaller, colourful birds such as Blue Tits and Robins. So the decision was simple, make their high quality own bird food using the highest quality ingredients.

One of their specialities is suet products and they have five different types of suet balls. In particular, the Super Suet Balls are proving very popular as they are different to most fat balls on the market. They have a greater percentage of suet and added peanut flour, which all makes for a softer texture for easier feeding which is crucial over the harsh winter months.

Of course the real bonus of Ivel Valley Bird Food is that you are buying direct from the farm and producer, hence the best value on the market delivered to your doorstep – no more heavy lifting, great for your pocket, great for the environment and great for the beautiful birds that will be attracted to your garden.

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