The Ultimate Seed & Suet Feeding Box For Your Garden Birds From Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food

Nick and James Parrish are passionate about filling your garden with beautiful birds and, as such, have focused on developing products that really work, and with that in mind, they have created the ultimate seed and suet box. Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food’s 2 flagship products in one box and, of course, at superb value.

Each box contains: 12.55kg Ready Peck 5 A Day Seed Feeder Mix, 30 Ready Peck 5 A Day Insect & Mealworm Suet Balls and a Suet Ball Feeder. A bargain at just £19.50 which also includes next day delivery.

When it comes to bird food, there are so many different products to choose from and where do you start? On face value, some products seem to be at incredibly low prices, but you may not be getting your money worth, unlike if you shop with Ivel Valley. As avid bird feeding fans, Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food want to make sure they offer only the best products that will really work to attract more beautiful birds into your garden.

The higher quality, more expensive and nutritious products typically include peanuts, sunflower hearts, oats, suet, insects and mealworms. Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food call this the ‘5 a day for birds’ and it is there flagship ‘Ready Peck’ branded feed.  The lower cost products usually have a high percentage of wheat seed – peanuts and sunflower hearts are typically 6 to 8 times higher in price than wheat.  Mealworms per tonne can typically be 30 times higher in price. Hence the variation in prices. Mixes with a high percentage of wheat seed also tend to attract larger birds such as pigeons and doves, which may prevent smaller and potentially rarer birds from coming to your garden.

If you want to attract and feed wild birds in your garden, and you want to feel satisfied in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to help build bird populations and give your birds the very best food, then the Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food ‘Seed & Suet Box’ is just the job.

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