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BritBits - Superfood Bird Food Pellets

BritBits - Superfood Bird Food Pellets

BRAND: Ivel Valley

Unique quinoa & suet bird pellets - a must have for every garden!


"As soon as I put some down there is a host of birds diving on it! Also there is a cheeky stoat that comes at night and grabs the crumbs." - J. Kent, Customer


"Great for my local wild life, the Jays and Woodpeckers love it!" - C. Blo, Customer

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Here at the Ivel Valley Farm we are very excited to bring you our brand-new bird food, BritBits Superfood Suet Pellets.


BritBits is the result of our extensive research to create a new nutritious and tasty superfood bird food for wild garden birds.


Made with British grown ingredients, including fresh Seeds, Oats, Nuts, Suet, ancient Quinoa grain and Blackcurrants, BritBits is an exciting evolution in high nutritional content bird food, which is so essential for birds’ growth and development.


Unlike many other bird foods BritBits is completely versatile and can be conveniently fed in a mesh feeder, on a table or on the ground. This means you will attract a broader variety of garden birds and our 100% edible pellets solve the problem of wastage.


It is a great value, more nutritious and more diverse alternative to imported sunflower hearts and peanuts for birds.


We are proud to say that Britbits are sustainably made on our farm with some of our own home-grown ingredients and even using solar power to run our packing line. 



Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Birds love it
They seem to eat it quicker than other foods. Very pleased will buy again
Review by Diane / (Posted on 05/01/2018)
BritBits are a hit
The new Britbits superfood pellets have proved a big hit with the birds
Review by L.Herron / (Posted on 14/12/2017)
Can't fill the feeder fast enough!
I thought that I should test out the new BritBits suet treats on my birds - they're always ravenous but also very picky about what they eat, so I was interested to see what they would make of them. The ingredients sound fabulous and they'll obviously be a great source of nutrition and energy, (particularly important as Winter closes in), if the fussy things decide that they look appetising!

I turns out that I need not have worried about them being accepted. The birds generally squabble over the Ready Peck suet pellets that I put out every day but, when their feeder was filled with BritBits instead, they took this to a whole new level. There's now a huge queue for the feeder and it was empty by midday instead of late afternoon. Perhaps I'll have to invest in another feeder for them!
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 08/11/2017)

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