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Get Set Go! Suet Ball Feeder (Blue)

    Get Set Go! Suet Ball Feeder (Blue)

    Make your garden burst with colour (and birds!) with the Get Set Go! bird feeder range. The royal blue Suet Ball Feeder is the ideal feeder for anyone new to bird feeding or those on a budget that want to try a high-quality but low cost suet feeder.


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    These eye-catching suet ball feeders are made from recycled plastic with steel wire.


    Each feeder holds three suet balls and leaves enough space for one exposed suet ball at the bottom of the feeder. This means your other two suet balls are keps safe from the elements behind a plastic shield until they're ready to drop down.


    It also features a long hanging hook, giving you the plenty of space to hang your feeder on a feeding station or from a tree or wall hook.


    Handy plastic clips detach the lid for quick and easy deconstruction that makes cleaning the feeder a five minute job.


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