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Wildlife & Mealworms

Gardens aren't just for birds! We have a great range of habitats, food and accessories for all sorts of garden critters. Bees, bugs, hedgehogs, bats and more, you'll find something to satisfy all of them here at Ivel Valley.

We also supply the finest quality dried mealworms perfect for all kinds of garden wildlife, including the birds, of course!

And for those with ponds, boats, or easy access to local lakes we supply an outstanding Duck & Swan Food that comes highly recommended from our customers.

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  • Spike's Dry & Wet Food Bundle

    Spike's Large Dry & Wet Hedgehog Food Bundle

  • Wildthings Hedgehog Food & Bowl

    Wildthings Hedgehog Food & Bowl

  • Wildlife World Nourish Dry Hedgehog Food 1kg

    Wildlife World Nourish Dry Hedgehog Food 1kg

  • Wildthings Hedgehog Food

    Wildthings Hedgehog Food 2kg

  • Spike's Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food

    Spike's Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food

    From: £4.85

    To: £9.85

  • Spike's Dry Hedgehog Food 650g

    Spike's Dry Hedgehog Food

    From: £5.95

    To: £9.95

  • Hedgehog Care Bundle

    Hedgehog Care & Feeding Bundle

  • Hedgehog Snack Bowl

    Hedgehog Snack Bowl (Ceramic)

  • Bee & Bug House

    Bug & Bee House - Wooden

  • Bat House

    Bat House

  • Duck & Swan Food

    Duck and Swan Food

    From: £3.95

    To: £23.95

  • Igloo Hedgehog House

    Igloo Hedgehog House


    Out of stock

  • Spike's Wet Food for Hedgehogs

    Spike's Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food 100g

  • Dried Mealworms Lifestyle

    Dried Mealworms

    From: £4.45

    To: £152.95

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14 Item(s)