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Ready Peck 5 A Day Suet Rolls

Product Review (submitted on 19 October 2018):
I was lucky to receive a pack of Ready Peck suet rolls in return for an honest review. I put the insect and mealworm one in my caged suet feeder on Saturday 29th October and waited to see what would happen. After a few hours of not much activity the House Sparrows (which I had predicted) were the first to come and try out this new food followed by a Blue Tit.

Over the past 6 days I have seen sparrows on it quite often and are the most common bird at it. Whilst the Starlings can't quite get in to the food they have been trying and can nibble the outside. I got this feeder to prevent Starlings otherwise everything would disappear so quickly so at least it's doing its job! There's other food available for them. Blue, Great and Coal Tits have also visited the roll and the 3rd photo shows how much has been eaten over 6 days.

It has been rather mild so I'm hoping if it gets colder more birds will come to it and I'll be interested to see what happens when I put out the Berry version. Thank you and I would still buy these in future, they fit into the feeder perfectly and are made of good quality ingredients.

OK here we are with the suet roll testers nearly finished the Berry one! So first photo was of first roll put up on Saturday 29th September, 2nd photo was taken on 5th October and it was all gone by Tuesday 9th. I then put the Berry one in and after 8 days it's almost finished! Both took just over a week for the birds to eat and with it not being particularly cold I guess it would have been under a week for each if it had been chillier :) I had mostly House Sparrows, Robin, Great, Blue and Coal Tits on mine. Would definitely recommend them and buy them again thank you! xxx
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