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BritBits Superfood Bird Food Pellets

Product Review (submitted on 8 November 2017):
I thought that I should test out the new BritBits suet treats on my birds - they're always ravenous but also very picky about what they eat, so I was interested to see what they would make of them. The ingredients sound fabulous and they'll obviously be a great source of nutrition and energy, (particularly important as Winter closes in), if the fussy things decide that they look appetising!

I turns out that I need not have worried about them being accepted. The birds generally squabble over the Ready Peck suet pellets that I put out every day but, when their feeder was filled with BritBits instead, they took this to a whole new level. There's now a huge queue for the feeder and it was empty by midday instead of late afternoon. Perhaps I'll have to invest in another feeder for them!
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