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Robin Feeding Bundle

    Robin Feeding Bundle

    The perfect combo of products for the UK's favourite bird. Contains an 800g bag of our popular My Robin & Me Mix with our best selling I Love Robins Feeder.


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    Bundle contains: 

    1 x I Love Robins Feeder 

    1 x 800g Pouch of My Robin and Me Seed Mix 


    I Love Robins Feeder Small

    The I Love Robins Feeder SMALL has plenty of room for birds to perch and feed in comfort. Robins will love the tray design of this feeder but its also loved by any kinds of ground feeding birds as well as clinger feeder birds like Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Greenfinches. Fill with our My Robin and Me Mix, tasty Dried Mealworms or our Ready Peck 5 A Day Ground & Table Mix.


    The dome height adjusts in an instant, allowing easy access for smaller species like tits, robins, sparrows and finches while deterring pigeons and other big birds. Dome diameter 15 cm


    My Robin and Me Seed Mix

    My Robin and Me mix is an absolute favourite with Robins. Packed with everything they need including fruit, mealworms and suet pellets. 


    All of these ingredients have been speciailly chosen with the Robins soft bill in mind. Rather than using whole peanuts or nuts with husks, which Robins can struggle to break, we've used kibbled peanuts and sunflower hearts. We've also used our own suet pellets, which we make here on the Ivel Valley Farm, that are soft enough for the soft billed Robin to bite through. 


    Ingredients: Sunflower Hearts, Flaked Oats, Kibbled Peanuts, Ready Peck Insect and Mealworm Suet PelletsReady Peck Berry Suet Pellets, Mealworms and Raisins.


    Click here for more information on How to Attract and Feed Robins


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