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Ready Peck Seed Feeder Mix & 2-Port RingPull Feeder

    Ready Peck Seed Feeder Mix & 2-Port RingPull Feeder

    In this bundle you'll get 2kg of our most popular seed feeder mix with a 2-port steel RingPull feeder. We use these high quality feeders and seed here on the farm and there's always a queue!


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    Bundle contains: 

    1 x 2kg Ready Peck Seed Feeder Mix 

    1 x RingPull Green Steel 2-Port Feeder


    Ready Peck Seed Feeder Mix: 

    The bird food is designed to go in seed feeders and is mixed and packed on our farm. It also includes a super insect and suet pellet which we also make. This is the ultimate bird seed mix – high in energy and low in waste. Five years in development and designed to attract more beautiful birds to your garden.


    And best of all our Ready Peck 5 a Day Seed Feeder Mix is wheat free. Using wheat and large cereals in bird feeds tends to attract unwanted garden birds like pigeons, that's why we offer many types of wheat free wild bird seed that are designed to attract smaller, rarer wild birds to your garden. 


    Our "Five-a-Day" Ingredients - SuetOatsSeedsNuts and Insects.


    RingPull Feeder: 

    Ring-Pull™ has a unique patented design which means with just one pull the pin and feeder comes apart effortlessly for thorough cleaning, backed by a lifetime guarantee. An easy clean solution - built to last!  


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