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Suet Logs & Rolls

Choose from our wide range of suet logs for wild birds, all made right here on our Bedfordshire farm, using the best ingredients for optimal nutrition for your garden friends. These suet logs are a space-saving, cost-effective alternative to suet balls that slides into any standard suet log and suet ball feeder.

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Suet Rolls for Wild Birds
From £4.95
Suet Rolls for Wild Birds
From £4.95
Suet Rolls for Wild Birds
From £4.95
Suet Logs Chilli
From £3.95
Suet Rolls Chilli
From £4.95
Suet Rolls Variety Pack
From £12.95
Insect and Mealworm Suet Logs
From £3.95
Suet Logs Berry
From £3.95
Suet Logs Super Suet
From £3.95
36 Suet Logs & Suet Log Feeder Bundle

What are suet logs & rolls?

Made from our tried and tested high-quality suet recipe, we have compressed our suet formula into cylinder shapes to create a log appearance. This is a cost-effective option by maximising the space in suet feeders. Bird suet logs are packed with a wealth of nutritious and healthy ingredients your garden birds will certainly appreciate.


1 Suet Roll - 160mm long, 55mm wide and approx. 500g

1 Suet Log - around 100mm long,  and approx. 85-90g

Are suet logs good for birds?

Our suet logs are made with the very best ingredients to meet all garden bird species' dietary requirements. Using high-quality, human-grade beef suet as standard, our suet logs also contain a variety of peanut and oat flours for added nutrients.

Do birds like suet logs & rolls?

Our suet logs for birds have captured the attention of many species, and we always see them returning for more here on the farm. The birds particularly attracted to our suet logs are Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Long Tailed Tits, but we have also seen Robins, Great Spotted Woodpeckers peck at this treat. With various suet log flavours to choose from, there's something for all your garden birds to enjoy.

How do I feed suet logs to birds?

You can feed wild birds suet logs with specially designed suet log feeders, where you push the suet log through to give birds various feeding spots on the feeder. If you wish to feed your birds suet rolls, we recommend using a suet fat ball feeder large enough to hold these jumbo suet logs for birds. Alternatively, you can place suet logs and rolls on the ground for all garden bird species to enjoy.

What time of year do you put out suet?

The best thing about suet for birds is that it can be put out all year round! Suet is a great energy booster, which will come in handy for birds during the busiest time of year, nesting season, which falls in spring and summer. Suet is an especially great bird food choice during autumn and winter, as its high-calorie nutrition keeps birds warm during the cold season.