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Bamboo Scoop

Bamboo Scoop

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This eco-friendly Bamboo Scoop is a game-changer for someone who has multiple bird feeders in their garden. Designed to distribute generously, this eco-friendly gardening scoop will speed up your feeder filling tasks with more precise action and less messy spills. It is made from strong, biodegradable bamboo and rice material with a 3 to 5 years life span and is fully compostable after use.

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Not only is this large garden scoop a helpful instrument when it comes to filling your bird feeders, but it can also be used in many other gardening activities, such as filling pots, planters and seed trays. It has a built-in eyelet on the handle to hang in your shed and garage.

The real wow factor of this Bamboo Scoop lies in the material. In the battle to save our planet, we should be making greener choices and reducing our plastic waste, and this sustainable Bamboo Scoop is the perfect choice of weapon. It’s made up of robust Bamboo free from petroleum-based plastics and BPA. A great and affordable option to help reduce plastic in your eco-friendly garden.

Once the Bamboo Scoop is ready to dispose of, it can be composted to avoid extra waste in landfills. Instructions on how to compost the Bamboo Scoop are as followed:

1. Break Bamboo Scoop into small pieces

2. Soaks pieces into water for 24+ hours

3. Bury in active compost (takes 6-12 months to decompose)

You can also decompose the scoop in your garden soil! Follow steps 1 and 2 and then bury the soaked pieces in the ground (takes 1-2 years to decompose)

Dimensions: 290H x 95W x 85D mm


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