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Suet Treats

We have a great selection of Suet Treats for your garden birds. 

Our Ready Peck products are made with  Five a day ingredients  - SUET – OATS – SEEDS – NUTS and FRUIT or INSECTS and are popular with a whole host of birds. This is the ultimate feed: All high in energy and made in our solar powered suet factory here on the Farm. 

Our Super Suet Balls & Nuggets are a great source of food all year round - made with extra suet and peanut flour for energy. 

Flutter Butter™ 3 great flavours to choose from. Easy to set up & provides and instant feeding station

Super Suet Coconut Shell - These biodegradable feeders are pefect for hanging from a tree, feeding station or a bird table.

Ivel Valley Best Sellers

  • Squirrel Buster® Mini 600ml Bird Feeder

    Squirrel Buster Mini 600ml Bird Feeder -it's game over for Squirrels.These high performance bird feeders are 100% effective.

  • Spike's Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food 1.3kg

    From the makers of the UK's most popular hedgehog food Spike's semi moist is designed as a tasty treat to encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden.

  • BigEasy™Seed Feeder

    Big because it holds more bird food, Tough because it takes no nonsense from squirrels, Easy because it cleans without fuss!