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Suet Treats

We have a great selection of Suet Treats for your garden birds. 

Our Ready Peck products are made with  Five a day ingredients  - SUET – OATS – SEEDS – NUTS and FRUIT or INSECTS and are popular with a whole host of birds. This is the ultimate feed: All high in energy and made in our solar powered suet factory here on the Farm. 

Our Super Suet Balls & Nuggets are a great source of food all year round - made with extra suet and peanut flour for energy. 

Flutter Butter™ 3 great flavours to choose from. Easy to set up & provides and instant feeding station

Super Suet Coconut Shell - These biodegradable feeders are pefect for hanging from a tree, feeding station or a bird table.

Ivel Valley Best Sellers

  • BigEasy™Seed Feeder


    Big because it holds more bird food, Tough because it takes no nonsense from squirrels, Easy because it cleans without fuss!

  • Peanut Granules


    Peanut granules are the perfect size for fledglings and other small garden birds.

  • My Robin and Me Mix


    My Robin and Me Seed Mix is an absolute favourite with Robins. Packed with everything they need including fruit, mealworms and suet pellets. Recommended for use with ground feeders and table feeders.

  • Hedgehog Care & Feeding Bundle


    This bundle contains everything you need to care for and feed your garden hedgehogs - no need to shop around!