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With so many bird food products out there and with such a difference in price what should you look for in a bird food supplier?

Our Products

Quality products are about proper nutritional ingredients. Typically wheat seed is one of the cheapest ingredients and dried mealworms and dried fruit are the most expensive. Popular sunflower hearts and peanuts can be as much as 6 or 7 times higher in cost, but it is worth paying for the more expensive ingredients as they have far better energy values and typically will attract a greater number of wild bird species.

Wheat seed tend to only attract larger birds such as pigeon and doves. Smaller seeds such as millet, dari and nyger seeds are popular with finches.The higher quality mixes avoid wheat and have higher levels of sunflowers, peanuts, oats, suet and fruit or insects and mealworms. It is tempting to buy products which can be a 1/3rd of the price of the high quality mixes, but they often have 50-85% wheat which is wasted or you find that your bird feeding station is taken over by larger birds which can put off the smaller species.


Everybody talks about sustainability and it is absolutely critical that as farmers we look after our soils and produce our products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The Ivel Valley business has farms in the Ivel Valley, Bedfordshire and produces seed to the LEAF standard - this is an environmental standard ensuring that we produce in a sustainable way - for more details visit www.leafuk.org / (Linking the Environment And Farming).


We make, mix and pack our products and so we know what goes into them. We are a family farming business that was started by our grandfather Frank, who took on a farm tenancy from the Crown Estate in 1927. We have always been driven to offer great products and gain the trust of our customers so that we are here for another 90 years !

If you ever have a query - ring up and speak to us - the farmers - James and Nick Parrish. We are the only growers who make all their own mixes and suet products and our factory is solar powered. Our whole philosophy is about growing, making and delivering exceptional products.


We offer Next Working Day Delivery with the courier, DPD. They have been voted the best courier in the UK, several times, by Which.co.uk and we feel they are the best courier to deliver our products. Bird Food is usually bulky and that is why people love the convenience of having it delivered to their door step - no more heavy lugging!

Safe Hands

Our site is covered by an SSL certificate and we have a secure payment area which is operated by Barclays Bank - you can also pay by PayPal.



We love to hear what you think and we rely on feedback to constantly improve our products. We use Trusted Shops as an independent review company. A few days after delivery they send you an email and you can let us know what you think - this is a totally independent company so what you say goes on the review area. This is viewable on the bottom right hand side of our website.

Professionally Developed

To make sure we do the best for birds, we have a fully qualified ornithologist on our team. Mike Smith has an MSc in Ornithology from Birmingham University.We also have wildlife enthusiast, Dave Parsons, who spends most of his spare time watching and recording the wildlife that we have on the farm. Please see Facebook, Twitter or our blog to view some of his great photos. Dave sends us regular photo updates when he spots something interesting.


As we make the products we have the flexibility to change what we do such as altering the mixes or packaging. If you think there is anything we should consider changing then please let us know by email - info@ivelvalley.co.uk or call us on 01462 813260.

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