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The Ivel Valley Story

Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food is part of a family farm business based in the Ivel Valley, Bedfordshire. We have spent years developing a unique range of products to help you attract more garden birds to your garden, and have set out to make products that really work as well as having proper nutritious ingredients.


Latest Blogs...

  • Introducing Ready Peck Super Suet Rolls

    Posted on 21.08.2018

    Introducing our brand new Ready Peck suet product; Suet Rolls. Designed to be our most versatile suet product yet!

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  • Attracting Goldfinches With Nyger Seed and Perseverance

    Posted on 30.05.2018

    Here on the Ivel Valley farm we've been feeding the birds for years. The shelter of the nearby woods, the vast landscapes surrounding us and the array of plants and flowers on our farm mean that we're lucky enough to see a variety of unique and rare birds all year round.

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  • Our brush with The Corn Bunting

    Posted on 11.09.2017

    Our farm has played house to many a Corn Buntings family over the last 70 years and our father can remember a time where their birdsong was ever present through the crops in the warm summer months or spied foraging in grain stores through cold, chilly winter days. 

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