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National Trust Vierno Tajine Water Dish

National Trust Vierno Tajine Water Dish

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Keep your garden birds safe and hydrated with the National Trust Vierno Tajine Water Dish. Stylishly designed with safety in mind, this dish can be hung up high away from dangers on the ground and offers a 360° view for birds to see their surroundings. This will allow them to make a quick getaway from predators.

Product Details

Not only will the Vierno Tajine Water Dish offer your birds a safe place to drink, but it will also add an elegant touch to any outdoor space. Its ceramic material is finished off with an aqua blue/green colour and smooth surface for easy cleaning.    


Garden birds are most vulnerable whilst drinking and bathing, as they are prone to any attack from cats and larger birds. By hanging this water dish 1 meter above the ground in your garden, your birds will feel at ease knowing that they can be ready for any attack and have an easy escape route. 


Did you know birds will drink water at least once a day? Many bird care enthusiasts put so much attention into feeding and overlook an equalling vital necessity for survival, water. Wild birds need a clean water source all year round and will return to any outdoor space that supplies it.


Click here to watch a Blue Tit enjoy a drink from the Vierno Tajine Water Dish and make a fast getaway.


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