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Mealworms & Live Worms for Birds

Tap into your garden birds' hunter instincts by feeding them dried mealworms and live worms. A delicious natural feed loved by many popular bird species, worms will provide them with all the nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy. 

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Dried Calci Worms
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Dried Mealworms Lifestyle
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Live Mealworms Regular (25-30mm)
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Live Mealworms Mini (9-13mm)
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Live Waxworms (15-25mm)
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What is the difference between mealworms and calci worms?

Though mealworm and calci worm are both larvae that make a perfect wild bird feed, there are a number of differences between the two. 

To start with, they come from different insect species. Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) are the larvae of darkling beetles, while calci worms (Hermetia illucens) are the larvae of black soldier flies. 
Mealworms can offer more protein which is hugely beneficial to garden birds to help repair the muscles and feather regeneration. Calci worms are known to have a higher calcium content, which is required for bone and eggshell development. 
Calci worms also have a higher moisture content compared to live mealworms. This can be beneficial to wild birds, especially in warm summer months.
Calci worms are typically smaller and softer compared to mealworms. They have a soft exoskeleton, making them easier to digest for garden birds.

Can I feed my bird worms?

Yes, you can feed worms to your garden birds, especially if they are calci worms and mealworms. Many birds, such as robins, blackbirds, tits and thrushes, naturally consume worms as part of their diet in the wild. Worms are a fantastic source of protein, calcium and nutrients for birds.What feeder to use for live worms?

If you're using live worms, it's best to offer them in a ground feeder or shallow dish. This prevents the worms from escaping and makes it easier for your bird to eat them. We also offer a variety of mealworm feeders, perfect for distributing juicy worms to your garden birds.

Where to buy live mealworms for birds

At Ivel Valley Bird Food, we offer both high-quality live mealworm and dried mealworms. Our live mealworms for birds come in 2 different sizes, ranging from Mini (9-13mm) and Regular (25-30mm). With our dried mealworm, you can order small quantities of 600g or bulk orders of up to 50kg.