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Ivel Valley Farm - Wild Bird Food Suppliers

Our Farm

The farm is based in the Ivel Valley in Bedfordshire.The family farm was taken on in 1927 by our grandfather, Frank Parrish. The farm originally incorporated a dairy and milk was delivered to the surrounding areas each day. Grahame Parrish, second generation, took over the farm in 1958 and the farm focused more on growing vegetables.

The sandy soils of the green sand ridge have been ideal for vegetable production and in particular many brussel sprouts used to be grown on this farm and the surrounding Bedfordshire countryside in the 1970's. These day's we grow potatoes, onions, shallots and cereals, but the land is also ideal for growing garden bird seeds such as maize, red millet, white millet, oats, linseed and wheat.

The Ivel Valley business started in 2015, initially making suet treats for local retailers and also for other manufacturers. Now, 3rd generation Nick and James Parrish have introduced our ever-growing range of homemade suet treats and specially formulated seed mixes to the general public. We have teamed up with Mike Smith, our expert ornithologist, who has completed an MSc in the subject, specifically studying the supplementary feeding of garden birds.

The hard work now sees the exciting launch of what we see as the best complete solution to attracting and feeding birds in your garden.

Ready Peck Range

Our flagship Ready Peck seed and suet range is developed in collaboration with ornithologists and built around the key ingredients that wild birds need to stay healthy, including suet, seeds, oats, nuts, fruit, and insects. We have developed special mixes for robins, finches, tits, and ground-feeding birds which have particular feed and feeder requirements. By partnering with an ornithologist, we've ensured our Ready Peck mixes are of the highest quality, delivering optimal nutrition for wild garden birds.


We strive to be innovative and sustainable in all we do. We grow to the LEAF standard (Linking the Environment And Agriculture) and our production unit is even powered by the sun. Our feeds are about minimising waste and maximising energy and nutrition to the birds. Please take up one of our offers, trial it and see the difference for yourself.

Click here to find out more about our sustainable farm and our recyclable packaging.

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