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Suet Pellets for Birds

Homemade with care on our farm, our top-tier Suet Pellets for birds is the perfect feed to entice a diverse array of stunning species to your garden. Formulated from premium ingredients, our suet pellets provide a hassle-free and nutritious solution to promote optimal health in your feathered friends.

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Small wooden bucket filled with Ready Peck Suet Pellets Insect & Mealworm for birds
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Small wooden bucket filled with red berry Suet Pellets for birds
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Small wooden bucket filled with green Suet Pellets apple flavour
From £6.45
Small wooden bucket filled with Peanut Suet Pellets for Wild Birds
From £6.45
Small wooden bucket filled with Ready Peck Suet Pellets Insect & Mealworm for birds
From £6.75
small bucket filled with Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food mini suet berry pellets
From £6.75

What are suet pellets?

Bird suet pellets are small, bite-size compressed pellets made from a blend of high-quality, human-grade beef suet mixed with various seeds, insects and peanuts to enhance nutritional value. They are designed to provide garden birds with a high-energy and nutritious food source. Our suet pellets are crafted from our popular suet recipe, ensuring birds receive a premium-quality treat. Available in various flavours such as berry, apple, and the popular insect and mealworm, these pellets cater to different bird species' preferences. Perfect for use in bird feeders or scattered on bird tables, suet pellets offer birds a delicious and energy-rich supplement to their diet.

Ready Peck Suet Pellets vs. Mini Suet Pellets

Same nutritional value and delicious taste; the only difference between our best-selling Ready Peck Suet Pellets and Mini Suet Pellets lies in the size. Our Ready Peck Suet Pellets are the largest of the two, around 5mm wide and up to 15mm long. Our Mini Suet Pellets are designed especially with small birds and fledglings in mind. These tiny suet treats are 40% smaller than our regular-sized pellets, around 3mm wide and, at most, 10mm long (roughly the size of a sunflower seed).

Are suet pellets good for birds?

Suet pellets can be a beneficial food source for many species of wild birds, especially during the colder months when they need high-energy foods to maintain their body temperature. Suet pellets are made from rendered fat mixed with various seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects, providing birds with essential fats and proteins.

What birds like suet pellets?

In the UK, suet pellets are popular among various bird species due to their high energy content and delicious flavours. Some of the common garden birds that are attracted to suet pellets include Great-spotted Woodpecker, Robin, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Dunnock, and Blackbird. These birds are known to visit suet feeders and enjoy consuming suet pellets, especially during colder months when they need additional energy to stay warm. Offering suet pellets can attract a diverse range of wild birds to your garden.

Are suet pellets ok for baby birds?

Our Mini Suet Pellets are designed especially for baby birds (fledglings) and smaller species. 40% smaller than our regular-sized pellets, these Mini Suet Pellets are 3mm wide and, at most, 10mm long, roughly the size of a sunflower seed. Just as nutritious and tasty as every other of our suet treats, only smaller so all garden birds can enjoy it. Click here to see a Blue Tit feed it's fledgeling Mini Suet Pellets.

Do robins like suet pellets?

Robins are the nation's favourite bird, and if you would like to attract more to your garden, our suet pellets will be a great tool to entice them in. Robins are ground feeders, so we recommend using a tray feeder so they can perch easily while getting the goods. Click the video below to watch a Robin indulge in our Insect and Mealworm Suet Pellets. 

Do sparrows eat suet pellets?

Sparrows typically prefer seeds over suet, as they are primarily seed-eating birds. While they may occasionally sample suet pellets, it's not their preferred food source. However, individual bird preferences can vary, and you may find some sparrows visiting suet feeders, especially during colder months when they may be more inclined to seek out high-energy foods.

Can hedgehogs eat suet pellets?

Because suet pellets are high in fat, they're not particularly great for a hedgehog's diet, and we wouldn't recommend feeding them suet treats. If you would like to feed your local hoggies and attract them to your garden, we have a wide range of tasty hedgehog food that meets all their nutritional needs. Leave the suet pellets for the wild birds to enjoy.

What is the best way to feed suet pellets?

The best way to feed suet pellets for birds, is with a peanut feeder that has mesh tube. This design ensures that the suet pellets remain securely held within the feeder, enabling easy access for birds to pick them out. Our Mini Suet Pellets are small enough to flow through tubular seed feeders. You could also place the suet pellets on bird tables or ground feeders. This will provide access to various bird species so that all birds can enjoy the suet pellets, rather than restricting access to those who can’t hang from the feeder.

Can you put suet pellets in a peanut feeder?

Yes, you can certainly put suet pellets in a peanut feeder. Suet pellet feeders typically have mesh tube (like a peanut feeder) that can hold the pellets in place but can slip out with ease when the bird gives a slight tug. Placing suet pellets in a peanut feeder can be a convenient way to offer them to birds, especially if you don't have a dedicated suet feeder available. Just make sure that the size of the openings is suitable for the suet pellets to prevent them from falling out too easily. We have designed our Ready Peck Suet Pellets to be the perfect size to distribute from peanut feeders so that none fall out and birds can pluck the pellet through the mesh with ease.

Is suet better than bird seed?

Whether suet is better than bird seed depends on the specific needs of the birds you are trying to attract and the diversity of your feeding setup. Both suet and bird seed offer different nutritional benefits and can attract different species of birds.

Suet, which is rendered fat mixed with various ingredients like seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects, is an excellent source of energy, especially during colder months when birds need extra calories to maintain their body temperature. It's particularly attractive to insect-eating birds like Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, and Robins.

On the other hand, bird seed provides a variety of nutrients and can attract a wider range of bird species, including those who do not favour suet, such as Goldfinches, Greenfinches, and Bullfinches. Different types of seeds cater to the preferences of different birds, so offering a diverse seed mix can increase the variety of species visiting your feeder.

Ideally, a well-rounded bird feeding setup would include both suet and bird seed to cater to the diverse dietary needs of various bird species. You can experiment with different types of feed to see which ones attract the most birds in your area and provide a balanced diet for them throughout the year.