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Suet Balls for Birds

Choose from our range of suet balls for wild birds. All of our suet products are made right here on our Bedfordshire farm, and we've chosen the very best ingredients for optimal nutrition.

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Pile of 6 yellow suet balls for birds
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Pile of 6 white suet balls for wild birds
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Super Suet Balls for Birds
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Suet Balls Berry
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Ivel Value Suet Balls
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a pile of 7 Maize Suet Balls
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Suet Nuggets Insect and Mealworm
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What is a suet ball?

We have taken our popular suet recipe and compressed it into a ball shape for your garden birds to enjoy! Our suet balls contain high-quality, human-grade beef suet as standard, mixed with various peanut and oat flours for added nutrients.

Are suet balls good for birds?

Because suet balls contain no fillers and hold high nutritional value thanks to the premium ingredients used, it is an excellent food choice your garden birds can enjoy all year round! Suet Balls are a great energy source and will benefit your birds during the nesting season and winter months. It's also a great source of calories to help all garden birds and fledglings grow strong and keep warm in cold seasons.

Which birds like suet balls

The best thing about suet balls is that it's loved by any birds that typically feed on a hanging bird feeder, such as Tits, Siskins, Goldcrests, and Woodpeckers. You can even crumble the balls up and put them on tables and the ground for Robins, Wrens, Blackbirds, Dunnocks (and more!).

How to hang suet balls for birds

The best way to hang your suet balls is with a suet ball feeder. We sell a variety to choose from that can hold different quantities of balls. If you want to keep larger bird species such as Jackdaws and Pigeons away from your suet balls, we recommend using a suet ball feeder that comes with an outer cage. 

How long do suet balls last

Our suet balls can last up to 12 months. This is due to the animal suet and other fats used in the recipe, which will eventually go off after a year. 

What's the difference between fat balls and suet balls?

A huge difference between fat balls and suet balls is their nutritional value. Fat balls can contain many fillers, making them less efficient for feeding the birds with their depleted nutritional value. Fat balls also have a higher chance of rotting in the heat, which will make your garden birds ill if they consume them. This is why suet balls are the best bird food option to go for. Premium suet balls like the ones we make here on the farm will be packed with a large ratio of high-quality suet, nutritious seeds and delicious insects.

Do birds prefer fat balls or suet balls?

Birds are magnificent at filtering out the food they need from the food they don't. Because of the low nutritional fillers used in fat balls, birds can't get the most of this meal compared to suet balls. Your garden birds will most likely throw the unwanted food to the ground, which leaves you with a mess to clean up. On the other hand, birds can certainly make use of suet balls, as all the ingredients used in our suet balls meet all requirements for a healthy bird diet. We also have various flavours to choose from, so there's something for all your wild birds to enjoy.