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Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower Hearts

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Our bakery grade, Premium Sunflower Hearts are a great energy and protein source of bird feed for wild birds. No husk means there is no husk waste in your bird feeders or on the ground; giving you more for your money and an easier dining experience for the birds!

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We, at Ivel Valley Bird Food, understand the challenges many of our customers are facing with the cost-of-living crisis. Feeding garden birds and caring for wildlife is one of life's simple pleasures that everyone should be able to enjoy, yet many have found it increasingly difficult with the rise of inflation. As part of our commitment to serving you and your garden birds better, we are pleased to announce that we will be lowering the price of Sunflower Hearts. Effective immediately, we have taken concrete steps to ensure that the cost of our sunflower hearts is significantly reduced and stays that way for as long as attainable. By doing so, we aim to make this nutritious and beloved product more accessible to all our customers, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our goal is to contribute to your well-being and provide a measure of relief during these challenging times.

Premium, bakery grade Sunflower Hearts for wild birds

Our premium Sunflower Hearts are a great energy and protein source of bird feed for wild birds. They have the added advantage of having the husk removed, so there is no husk waste at your bird feeders or on the ground, giving you more for your money and an easier dining experience for the birds!

What are Sunflower Hearts?

Sunflower Hearts for birds are the inner seed found when removing the black husk (the outer shell) from Sunflower Seeds. This premium bird feed is our most popular straight seed as it's great value and leaves no husk mess in the garden. Sunflower Hearts is favoured amongst a wide variety of different wild bird species, so you can expect many of them returning to your garden for more!

Are Sunflower Hearts good for birds?

Sunflower Hearts are packed with healthy oils, protein and have a high energy content (high calories) which makes them great for birds in all weathers and stages of life.

- Birds in the winter benefit from the extra energy that Sunflower Hearts offer, as it helps keep them warm through the cold temperatures.

- They're packed with plenty of nutrients to help fledglings and chicks grow.

- All kinds of birds can eat them, so if you're looking to attract a variety of wild birds to your garden, Sunflower Hearts are a great choice!

What is the difference between Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Hearts?

The difference between Sunflower Hearts and Sunflower Seeds comes down to the outer black shell (a.k.a the husk). Sunflower Seeds originally comes with the husk still intact. More technique goes into the Sunflower Hearts as the husk is removed, leaving you with the inner white seed.

Sunflower Hearts are more favourable with our customers, due to the lack of mess it leaves in their gardens. When eating Sunflower Seeds, birds discard the husk and throw it to the ground, creating a mess. This can be avoided when using Sunflower Hearts as the husk has already been removed.

Do birds like Sunflower Hearts?

Yes! Sunflower Hearts are favoured by most wild birds thanks to their high energy content and are an excellent all-rounder seed to supply. They're also much softer than black Sunflower Seeds as there is no tough husk to break through. So it would require less energy for the birds to feed. If you are looking for ways to attract wild birds back to your garden and encourage their friends to join as well, Sunflower Hearts will be sure to entice them in.

Which garden birds eat Sunflower Hearts?

Both small and large wild birds will happily eat Sunflower Hearts, and they're particularly loved by Goldfinches and Tits. Other birds you can expect to see at your Sunflower Heart feeders include: Blackbirds, Chaffinches, Collared Doves, Dunnocks, Goldfinches, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Greenfinches, House Sparrows, Nuthatches, Robins, Starlings, Wood Pigeons

How to feed Sunflower Hearts to birds?

If you want various bird species to get the most out of your Sunflower Hearts, providing a variety of different feeding methods is essential. Use a hanging seed feeder like this BigEasy™Seed Feeder if you want to cater to small garden birds such as Blue Tits and Goldfinches Ground feeders will help you attract larger species such as Dunnocks and Blackbirds as they prefer to eat on the ground and are less likely to perch from a hanging feeder.

Note: Due to how our Sunflower Hearts are processed and packed, these are not suitable for human consumption. 

Packaging: 2kg bags of seed are oxo-biodegradable and can be disposed of alongside normal recycled plastics. 12.55kg seed options come in a fully recyclable paper sack, and our cardboard boxes are also made from recycled materials.


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