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Black Sunflower Seed

Black Sunflower Seed

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Looking for a cost-effective, nutritious seed for your garden birds? Our premium Black Sunflower Seeds provide wild birds with high energy levels and are rich in essential fats. They're ideal to use in tubular seed feeders and are loved by many common UK birds such as Goldfinch and Tits!

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A popular, affordable, husked Sunflower Heart


Black Sunflower bird seeds are popular with many wild garden birds. They have a high oil content so are good energy providers and are suitable for feeding throughout the year.

Black Sunflower bird seed is favoured by various species and is a great all-rounder if you're looking to feed or attract a wide variety of birds. It's a perfect alternative to Sunflower Hearts cost-wise and still offers the same nutritional value. Options are available to bulk buy Black Sunflower Seeds for birds so you can get even more for your money.


What are Black Sunflower Seeds?

Black Sunflower Seeds are harvested from a cultivar (modified version) of the Sunflower plant Helianthus annuus. A popular choice amongst many bird feeders, Sunflower Seeds are one of the most healthful foods you can offer to birds, thanks to it being high in protein and rich in healthy fats. Black Sunflower Seeds are also a great source of vitamin B, calcium, iron, and potassium, which are essential for keeping birds strong and healthy throughout the seasons.


What birds eat Sunflower Seeds?

A wide variety of birds favours this seed, but the species that enjoy Black Sunflower Seeds the most are: Blue Tits, Great Tits, House Sparrow, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Nuthatch and Siskin.

How to feed Black Sunflower Seeds to birds

As Black Sunflower Seeds tend to attract smaller birds, such as Finches, Tits and Sparrows, we'd recommend using a seed feeder to supply them. Using a seed feeder prevents smaller birds from picking up whole Black Sunflower Seeds and instead encourages them to peck and chip away at the seeds until they're small and manageable pieces. 

It's best to use Seed Feeders, Peanut Feeders, and Ground Feeders to feed Black Sunflower Seeds. You can feed your garden birds Black Sunflower Seeds as a whole, and they will crack through the thin shell with ease to access the meat. As birds don't eat the black husks, you'll likely end up with a pile of mess and wastage on the ground, which may attract vermin to your garden. This is why many of our customers prefer to use our Sunflower Hearts or Sunflower Heart Chips for a more tidy feed.


Black Sunflower Seeds Vs. regular (striped) Sunflower Seeds

When comparing Black Sunflower Seeds to striped Sunflower Seeds, it's clear which one offers the most benefits to garden birds. Black Sunflower Seeds supply more meat and have a higher oil content, providing birds with more calories and nutrition. Another advantage of using Black Sunflower Seeds is that it has a thinner shell than the striped Sunflower Seed, making Black Sunflower Seeds easier for birds to crack open and useless energy to do it.


Can squirrels eat Black Sunflower Seeds?

As with most bird foods, squirrels love to eat Black Sunflower Seeds! It's completely fine for them to consume as there are no health risks. However, they have a reputation for taking the majority of food and leaving hardly any for our birds. If you would like to keep some food out of reach from squirrel paws, our squirrel proof feeders can help with that. 


Packaging: 2kg bags of seed are oxo-biodegradable and can be disposed of alongside normal recycled plastics. 12.55kg seed options come in a fully recyclable paper sack, and our cardboard boxes are also made from recycled materials.


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