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Suet for Birds

Everything you see in our suet bird food range is homemade right here on our Bedfordshire farm! Crafted with care and packed with premium ingredients to promote optimal health, our high-energy bird suet will attract a wide variety of beautiful birds all year round.

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Suet Flowers | Limited Edition
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Suet Logs Chilli
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Suet Blocks Chilli
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Suet Rolls Chilli
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Ivel Value Suet Balls
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Small wooden bucket filled with Ready Peck Suet Pellets Insect & Mealworm for birds
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Suet Blocks Variety Pack
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Suet Nuggets Insect and Mealworm
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small bucket filled with Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food mini suet berry pellets
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36 Suet Logs & Suet Log Feeder Bundle
Suet Rolls Variety Pack
From £12.95
Super Suet Balls for Birds
From £3.45
Small wooden bucket filled with green Suet Pellets apple flavour
From £6.45
Small wooden bucket filled with red berry Suet Pellets for birds
From £6.45
Small wooden bucket filled with Peanut Suet Pellets for Wild Birds
From £6.45
Small wooden bucket filled with Ready Peck Suet Pellets Insect & Mealworm for birds
From £6.75

Years in the making, with the help of our ornithologist, we've perfected our suet recipes to be high in energy, nutritional value, and the ultimate feed for your garden birds to enjoy.

Is suet actually good for birds?

Yes! Suet is highly beneficial for all wild birds. It is a dense, energy-rich food that provides essential nutrients and calories necessary for their survival, especially during demanding periods like winter, migration or nesting season. It offers birds the necessary fuel to maintain their body temperature, sustain their activity levels, and survive harsh weather conditions. In addition to fats, our suet feed for birds also contains high-quality seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects, making it an even more irresistible treat for garden birds. These additional components contribute to a well-rounded and nutritious diet for garden birds, providing them with essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

By offering food to garden birds, you contribute to their survival and well-being. Many bird species face habitat loss and food scarcity, resulting in a huge population decline. So by providing them supplementary food, you will be supporting your local wild birds, which contributes to biodiversity conservation and helps maintain a healthy ecosystem.

What birds eat suet?

Suet is a fantastic feed for attracting a wide variety of garden birds as many just love to eat it, such as robins, great-spotted woodpeckers, blue tits, wrens, great tits, chaffinches, long-tailed tits, blackbirds, nuthatches, and much more! Thanks to its high energy content and nutritional value, suet will attract an abundance of colourful birds to your garden.

Which suet attracts most birds?

The suet flavour that tends to attract the most garden birds is insect & mealworm suet. Not only does this suet flavour contain nutritious bird seed, but it also includes dried insects and peanut flour. The diverse array of premium ingredients in the suet appeals to a wide variety of bird species, making it a versatile and popular choice in suet feeding birds. You can get our popular insect & mealworm flavour as suet balls, suet pellets, suet blocks, suet rolls, and suet logs. 

Where is the best place to put suet for birds?

The best place to put suet for birds is in a suet feeder. These feeders typically have cages or compartments that hold the suet securely while allowing birds to safely access it with ease. Hanging the suet feeder from a sturdy tree branch or feeding station pole in your garden, balcony, or allotment will be the perfect location. You can also sprinkle suet pellets on the floor for ground-feeding birds to enjoy.

When should I stop feeding my suet?

It's completely suitable to feed birds suet all year round, even in hot months. The warm summer temperatures will soften the suet, making it even more easier for birds to peck at. Suet becomes the ultimate bird feed come autumn and winter when garden birds need a high source of fat to keep warm. Bird suet is also fantastic for providing energy to birds, and they'll need all the energy in spring when the nesting season comes around.

When should I put out suet?

Out of all the seasons, autumn and winter are the months we encourage most to put suet out. Even though wild birds will happily eat this feed all year round, the fatty suet is especially needed when temperatures turn cold. Thanks to its high-calorie content, suet will put an extra layer of fat on the tiny birds' bodies which will help them stay warm and have the best chances of survival in the wild.