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Duck and Swan Food

    Duck and Swan Food

    BRAND: Ivel Valley

    Specially blended for Ducks and Swans far more nutritious than bread! Designed to float so there's no wasted, sinking product. Perfect for wild water based birds.

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    Specially blended for Ducks & Swans far more nutritious than bread. Suitable for most water based birds including ducks, swans, and moorhens.


    A nutritious Floating Duck Pellet that ducks, swans, geese and other water-based birds will love!


    • Pellets are rich in Fish & Crustacean meal
    • Provides a high protein floating complete food 



    Wheat, Fish meal, Prawn Meal, Maize meal, Hiprosoya, Dicalcium phosphate. Soya oil. Minerals and Vitamins


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