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Eco Bee Nester

Eco Bee Nester

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Help out your local pollinators and the planet with the Eco Bee Nester. This safe retreat was designed with solitary bees in mind, an essential worker for our ecosystem. By placing this eco-friendly nester in your garden, not only will you be helping out a declining population, but it will be an eye-catching conversation starter with any fellow wildlife lover!

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Bees need your help! These essential pollinators are declining in numbers, and if we don't act now, our ecosystem and economy will suffer significantly. It doesn't take a ginormous beehive to make a difference. By simply placing this Eco Bee Nester in your outdoor space, you have provided solitary bees with a huge helping hand. Mason Bees and Leaf Cutter Bees will use the tubes during spring and summer to lay their eggs. The busy bees will then close the tubes using mud or leaves to keep their eggs safe until they hatch. This nester will also provide bees with shelter against rain and strong winds too.  

What's even better about the Eco Bee Nester is that it's made from natural plant fibres with nearly zero waste pollution during production. Once it reaches the end of its life, it can even be degraded into fertiliser.


The Eco Bee Nester will do well in environments with lots of surrounding vegetation such as allotment, veg patches, hedgerows, fruit trees and flower beds. We recommend hanging it from ground level to 2 meters in height and leaving the entrance clear so bees can easily access it. If possible, position your Nester towards the rising sun so it warms up throughout the day, and keep it under shelter away from prevailing winds and rain. At the start of autumn, solitary bee activity reduces. This will be a good time to fit the lid provided to the Nester to stop woodpeckers from taking the eggs.


Height 9.5 cm

Width 9.5 cm

Depth 16 cm


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