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Bird Feeder Hooks & Hangers

Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious garden, our bird feeder hooks and hangers offer flexibility in creating and personalising your feeding stations for wild birds.

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Branch Hooks for Bird Feeders
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Universal Hanging Cable
Wraparound Hook with Safety Loop
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Heavy Duty S Hook
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What is the best way to hang a bird feeder?

A bird feeder hook will be best to hang different types of feeders from, such as seed feeders, suet feeders, or peanut feeders- no matter the size. This versatility ensures that you can cater to the specific dietary preferences of various bird species, providing them with the nourishment they need while adding beauty and entertainment to your outdoor space.

How do you hang a heavy bird feeder on a tree?

All of our tree hooks for bird feeders are made of durable materials to ensure stability and prevent hanging bird feeders from swaying or falling, even during windy conditions. You can adjust the height and position of our bird feed hangers, allowing you to customise the perfect feeding setup for your feathered visitors.

Where is the best place to put a bird feeder UK?

By using a bird feeder hook or hanger, it allows you to be more flexible in where to position feeders and maximise bird activity and safety. Here are a few tips to consider when siting your bird feeder hanger.

  1. Choose a safe location- Ensure the feeder is out of reach of potential predators, such as cats. Ideally, position it at least 2 meters off the ground and a few meters away from shrubs, hedges, or trees. These natural features provide cover for birds to retreat to when they feel threatened, allowing them to observe the feeder before approaching it.
  2. Keep it accessible- Ensure easy access for birds by placing the feeder in an open area, free from obstructions like dense branches or vegetation. This allows birds to approach the feeder with confidence and reduces the risk of them colliding with surrounding obstacles.
  3. Create a peaceful setting- Try to position the feeder hook away from noisy areas, such as busy roads or loud machinery, as excessive noise can deter birds from visiting.
  4. Consider visibility- Place the bird feeder where you can easily observe it from indoors, such as near a window or patio. This allows you to enjoy watching the birds while minimising any disturbance to them.