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Greenfinch Bird Food & Feeders

Welcome to our exclusive collection of bird food and feeders for greenfinches, all carefully chosen to captivate these delightful birds and attract them to your garden. With our carefully selected products, you can create an irresistible haven that nourishes and entices these charming finches, ensuring they grace your outdoor space with their vibrant presence all year round.

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Squirrel Buster® Finch 1.4 Litre Niger Seed Bird Feeder
Small wooden bucket filled with Black Sunflower Seeds
From £5.45
Small wooden bucket filled with Niger Seed for Birds
From £6.95
Wooden bucket placed on the grass floor, filled with sunflower hearts for birds
From £5.45
Ready Peck Seed Feeder Mix
From £6.45
Finches and Tits Bird Seed
From £5.45
Wooden bucket filled with broken sunflower heart chips
From £6.45
Flo Niger Feeder - Yellow
From £12.95
Ring-Pull Click™ Niger Feeder - Green
From £22.95
Finches Bucket Bundle
Flo Festival™ Seed Feeder
From £35.95 Was £39.95
Flo Seed Feeder - Green
From £12.95
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