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Hedgehog Snack Bowl (Ceramic)

Hedgehog Snack Bowl (Ceramic)

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Help an endangered species and attract Hedgehogs into your garden by placing Hedgehog food in this Hedgehog Snack Bowl. This hedgehog bowl is a convenient and hygienic way to feed your garden hoggies. Its drainage hole allows rainwater to trickle out to avoid food spoiling, and its glazed ceramic material protects it against weather damage.

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Save an endangered species from extinction

Unfortunately, hedgehogs are declining in the UK and are now listed as "Vulnerable" on Britain's red list of mammals. One of the leading causes for this is the lack of food in their natural habitat. So, if you want to give their population a helping hand, offering good quality hedgehog food would be a great place to start!


The Hedgehog Snack Bowl will be the perfect tool to distribute hedgehog food. Because it's a shallow dish, the hedgehogs will have easy access to the tasty treat and will regularly return for more! This bowl will also be perfect to use as a hedgehog water dish to keep your local hoggies and birds hydrated, especially in the warmer seasons.


This ceramic hedgehog food dish is glazed, which makes it frostproof and dishwasher friendly. 


Feeding advice for hedgehogs
Just before the sun sets, fill the shallow dish with one handful of food per hedgehog and leave it in a sheltered area of your garden. Hedgehogs will also need a regular supply of fresh water, especially when feeding them dry food and during the warmer seasons. Hedgehogs come out of hibernation as early as March and will stay active until October/November. So, it's ideal to offer them food during this time. Be patient- as with any animal, it takes time for hedgehogs to get used to different foods.


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