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National Trust WoodStone Open Nest Box

National Trust WoodStone Open Nest Box

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Constructed from a mix of concrete and FSC® certified wood, the National Trust Woodstone Open Nest Box is a favourite with Robins, Wrens, Spotted Flycatchers, and Pied Wagtails.

Unlike a traditional wooden nest box, this WoodStone® nest box will not rot away or deteriorate and is guaranteed for 10 years!

Product Details

By using a mixture of concrete and wood fibres, the National Trust Woodstone Open Nest Box offers a durable home for wild birds, and an attractive feature to have in your garden. The WoodStone® Nest Box is built to maximise the survival rates of nestlings and withstand any attack from predators, including Woodpeckers, cats and squirrels. 


The insulating qualities of the WoodStone® material offer the greatest protection against sub-zero temperatures, which are vital for the survival chances of young chicks.


Where to place the National Trust Woodstone Open Nest Box will depend on which bird you wish to attract. Robins and Wrens like the nesting location to be 1.5-2 meters above the ground, whereas Spotted Flycatchers like their boxes to be 2-4 meters high.


We recommend using aluminium nails to hang the Woodstone® nest box due to its weight and limit any damage caused to trees. If you want to learn more about how to correctly put up a nest box, click here.


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