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Though squirrels are fantastic foragers, many birding enthusiasts will know that grey squirrels can also be greedy, especially when it comes to bird food. This is why it's an excellent idea to consider investing in a Squirrel Feeder. By creating an area in the garden specifically for squirrels, they will be more likely to stick to their own territory and leave bird feeders alone. 

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Squirrel Feeder
Cotswold Granaries Squirrel Food 650g

What type of squirrels live in the UK?

Did you know there are four types of squirrels situated in the UK? First, it was the red and grey, then black, and now scientists have discovered a fourth type of squirrel living in the UK... The brunette!

What food do squirrels eat?

Generally, squirrels are very good at adapting to their environment and making use of the available resources, so they have grown to acquire a taste for various foods, including nuts, seeds, fruit, and grains. The Cotswold Granaries Squirrel Food contains all the favourites and can be fed to the red, grey, black and brunette squirrels.

Where do squirrels live?

Not only are squirrels excellent forages, but they are also fantastic den builders. They will build themselves a den (a.k.a 'drey') out of twigs and sticks in the fork of branches or hollow of a tree. As we've mentioned, squirrels can quickly adapt to their surroundings, so it's not uncommon to find a squirrel's drey in an attic or barn.

Do squirrels hibernate?

It comes as a surprise to many that squirrels don't actually hibernate and you can see any of the four types all year round. The reason animals (like hedgehogs and dormice) hibernate is to preserve the fat they built up and take cover from the cold winter. Squirrels don't need to do this, thanks to the ample food they store up throughout the autumn. Squirrels may seem less active in winter compared to any time of year. When the temperatures drop, squirrels will spend more time in their drey to keep warm and dry.