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  1. Introducing Ready Peck Suet Rolls

    Introducing Ready Peck Suet Rolls

    Here on the Ivel Valley farm we’re always looking for new products that will make feeding your garden birds easier and more rewarding. We’re sure you’ve heard of our Ready Peck 5-A-Day range by now; a range of seed and suet products developed with an Ornithologist to contain the very best ingredients for wild birds. […]

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  2. Wildlife On The Farm - July 2018

    Wildlife On The Farm - July 2018

    Seems ages since writing the last snippets with the summer break but plenty to mention this month. Lots of new arrivals on the farm over the past couple of months. Firstly on the first of June last year the Shelducks had 9 ducklings, which was a first for the farm. On the first of June […]

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  3. Wildlife On The Farm - June 2018

    Wildlife On The Farm - June 2018

    Just got back from a visit to the farm lake. Although it was dull and overcast there were loads of birds feeding on, around or above the lake. Feeding on or in the water were Great Crested Grebe, Cormorant, Mute swans, Tufted duck, Mallard and Coots. Feeding around the lake were Oyster catchers, Little Ringed […]

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  4. Wildlife On The Farm - May 2018

    Wildlife On The Farm - May 2018

    Lots of wildlife activity at the moment especially bird life. Most of the Summer visitors are with us now. I haven't heard a Cuckoo in the village yet but heard and see one at Maulden Heath. Loads of Swallows and House and Sand Martins seen feeding on insects over the lake on the farm. While […]

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  5. Our Brush With The Corn Bunting

    Our Brush With The Corn Bunting

    Have you heard of the Corn Bunting? Corn Buntings are notoriously plump, brown & white flecked birds with a quintessentially British name! The name derives from its preference for nesting and feeding in lowland farmland. Seeds, cereal grains, and freshly sown crops are the Corn Buntings foods of choice and this countryside favourite has played friend […]

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  6. Spring Has Arrived!

    Spring Has Arrived!

    Fresh Air & Flowers Welcome along to Spring! Yellow daffodils have broken free and rapeseed floods the fields with their sweet aroma and vibrant yellow colour. Spring has finally arrived and you can look forward to fresh mornings and warmer evenings. Your garden is slowly starting to wake up from its winter slumber. Buds start to […]

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