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Suet Bird Feeders

Suet is an exceptional high-energy food for wild birds, drawing numerous delightful species to your garden. Various suet bird food options are available in different shapes and sizes, necessitating a specialised suet bird feeder designed specifically for holding and distributing them. Our extensive selection of suet feeders is tailored to accommodate all types of suet bird food, including suet balls, suet blocks, suet pellets, suet rolls, and suet logs.

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UpClose™ Window Feeder
Douglas Wooden Peanut Feeder
Robin sitting on an I Love Robins Window Feeder
Weaver Wooden Peanut Feeder
Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder
Premium Suet Feeder
From £17.95
National Trust Yara Fat Ball Feeder
Trinity Bird Feeder
Ring-Pull™ Click Peanut PLUS
Bird Lovers™ Fat Ball Feeder (Medium)
Heavy Duty Suet Bites and Mealworm Feeder
Essential Fat Ball Feeder
Vitality Suet Log Feeder
Basket Ball™ Feeder - Suet Ball Bird Feeder
Suet Log Feeder
Double Suet Block and Cake Feeder

What is a suet bird feeder?

A suet bird feeder is a specialised feeder designed to hold and dispense suet, a high-energy bird feed that's fantastic for attracting a variety of species to your garden. Suet bird feeders come in various designs but typically consist of a container or cage-like structure that holds the suet securely while birds peck at it.

Can you put suet pellets in normal bird feeder?

The best bird feeder to use for suet pellets is a peanut feeder. Suet pellets and peanuts are similar in size, and the feeder usually comes with a mesh with holes small enough to hold pellets in places, and birds can peck out easily. Ground feeders will also work just as well, allowing al birds to access the food. 

Do birds like suet feeders?

Yes! Many bird species are attracted to suet feeders and enjoy feeding on suet. It's highly recommended that you place multiple suet feeders in the garden, with and without perches, to meet all birds feeding preferences. You can even place suet in ground feeders so ground-feeding birds can enjoy this delicious treat. Suet bird feeders can be an excellent way to attract various bird species to your garden.

What birds do suet feeders attract?

Introducing a suet feeder in your outdoor space will be hugely beneficial if you wish to attract many birds and a variety of species. Suet feeders are popular among a variety of UK birds, such as Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Robins, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Nuthatches, and so much more!