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My Robin and Me Mix

My Robin and Me Mix

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My Robin and Me Seed Mix is an absolute favourite with Robins. Packed with everything they need including fruit, mealworms and suet pellets. Recommended for use with ground feeders and table feeders.

All of these ingredients have been specially chosen with the Robins soft bill in mind. Rather than using whole peanuts or nuts with husks, which Robins can struggle to break, we've used kibbled peanuts and sunflower hearts. We've also used our own suet pellets, which we make here on the Ivel Valley Farm, that are soft enough for the soft billed Robin to peck through. 

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How to use My Robin and Me Seed Mix

Robins aren't fans of clinging on to mesh feeders or balancing on seed feeder ports, so we would recommend using this Robin bird food mix on a bird table, on the ground or in a hanging dish style feeder, like this I Love Robins feeder.


Packaging: 2kg bags of seed are oxo-biodegradable and can be disposed of alongside normal recycled plastics. 12.55kg and 25kg options come in cardboard boxes with an oxo-biodegradable box liner. Please note, this liner is not a carry sack and should not be removed from the box. Our cardboard boxes are also made from recycled materials.


Ingredients: Sunflower Hearts, Flaked Oats, Kibbled Peanuts, Ready Peck Insect and Mealworm Suet Pellets, Ready Peck Berry Suet Pellets, Mealworms and Raisins.


Please note that this mix contains raisins which are harmful to dogs and cats. Please be aware of this when spreading this mix on the ground. 


Click here for more information on how to attract and feed robins


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