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Ivel Valley Peanut Suet Pellets

Ivel Valley Peanut Suet Pellets

BRAND: Ivel Valley

Made here on our farm, our Ivel Valley Peanut Suet Pellets are a high fat and protein bird food pellet, designed to be fed on the ground, on a table or in a pellet or mesh feeder.


They're great to feed over colder periods when birds need to keep up their fat intake and also work well in the spring and summer as the soft pellets allow the birds to easily break them up for feeding young.

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We've spent years working with ornithologists to develop the healthiest and most nutritious wild bird food we can. From out work we've developed the Ready Peck range of suet pellets and seeds as well as these Ivel Valley Peanut Suet Pellets.


High in the rich fats, healthy oils and proteins found in peanuts, our Ivel Valley Pellets are ideal for feeding in the winter when high fat foods are a must for wild birds.


Our Peanut Pellets are also rich in various vitamins (Vitamin A and Vitamin E) and minerals (Iron and Potassium) which give wild birds a helping hand to stay healthy - and the suet in our pellets also helps to boost fat intake during colder weather. 


Ingredients: suet, wheat flour, peanut and natural colour



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Be prepared to fill your feeder everyday with this feed
Be prepared to fill your feeder everyday with this feed. The birds go into a feeding frenzy over it.
Review by Stuart T / (Posted on 30/12/2016)

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