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Hedgehog Care

We have a great selection of wet and dry foods available that hedgehogs love.

Over the last ten years, hedgehog numbers have declined rapidly, so if you're lucky enough to have one visit your garden, make sure they're fed and watered. Feeding a hedgehog can be essential to ensure they survive hibernation - even during the winter months, a hungry hedgehog will come out looking for food.

Providing fresh food and water for your garden hedgehog will encourage them to become regular visitors (but do not offer milk).

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  • Igloo Hedgehog House

    Igloo Hedgehog House


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  • Spike's Dry & Wet Food Bundle

    Spike's Large Dry & Wet Hedgehog Food Bundle

  • Wildthings Hedgehog Food & Bowl

    Wildthings Hedgehog Food & Bowl

  • Wildlife World Nourish Dry Hedgehog Food 1kg

    Wildlife World Nourish Dry Hedgehog Food 1kg

  • Spike's Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food

    Spike's Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food

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  • Spike's Dry Hedgehog Food 650g

    Spike's Dry Hedgehog Food

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  • Hedgehog Care Bundle

    Hedgehog Care & Feeding Bundle

  • Hedgehog Snack Bowl

    Hedgehog Snack Bowl (Ceramic)

  • Spike's Wet Food for Hedgehogs

    Spike's Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food 100g

  • Wildthings Hedgehog Food

    Wildthings Hedgehog Food 2kg


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