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Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower Hearts

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Our Sunflower Hearts for birds stand out as an excellent energy and protein source. Available in a range of weights, from 2kg to 25kg, this top-tier bird feed option has the added benefit of being husk-free and acts as a magnet for a diverse array of beautiful species. With no husk waste around your bird feeders or on the ground, you get better value for your money, and the birds enjoy a more effortless dining experience!

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Product Details

Sunflower Hearts for wild birds

Sunflower hearts are a bird feeding marvel, renowned for their nutritional richness and universal appeal. The versatility of sunflower hearts will transform your garden into a vibrant haven for avian visitors. Whether attracting finches, sparrows, or other feathered friends, these seeds contribute to a flourishing and lively ecosystem right at your door!

What are sunflower hearts?

Sunflower hearts, also known as sunflower kernels or sunflower seeds without the shells, are the edible inner part of the sunflower seed. These seeds are extracted from the black husks, leaving only the meaty, nutritious part. Sunflower hearts are a popular choice for bird feeding and are often used in bird feeders due to their high nutritional value, convenience, and success rate in attracting a variety of bird species.

Are sunflower hearts good for birds?

Yes, bird seed sunflower hearts are generally considered an excellent feed, offering numerous benefits. Packed with vital nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, sunflower hearts contribute significantly to the health and well-being of wild birds. The benefit of not having husks makes them convenient for birds to eat. Birds don't have to expend extra energy to crack open shells, making these seeds an easy and accessible food source.

What is the difference between sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds?

Sunflower hearts are the inside part of the sunflower seed that you can eat, while sunflower seeds refer to the whole seed, including the inedible outer black shell. Both sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds can be given to birds, but they tend to discard the outer shell on the ground instead of consuming it.

Which garden birds eat sunflower hearts?

In the UK, a variety of garden birds are known to enjoy sunflower hearts bird seed as part of their diet. Some common garden birds that frequently feed on sunflower hearts include, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Goldfinches, House Sparrows, Robins, Blackbirds, and Dunnocks. Providing sunflower hearts in bird feeders is an excellent way to attract a diverse array of garden birds to your outdoor space.

What type of bird feeder is best for sunflower hearts?

Sunflower hearts are well-suited for a variety of bird feeders. A popular choice amongst bird feeding enthusiasts is tube feeders, also known as seed feeders. These tubular feeders have small feeding ports that are suitable for dispensing sunflower hearts and perches so birds can comfortably sit on them while feeding. Below are some other feeder options that are great for sunflower hearts.

  • Ground Feeders: Some birds, like robins and blackbirds, prefer feeding on the floor, and a ground feeder can be an excellent way to distribute the sunflower heart to these ground-feeding birds.
  • Window Feeders: Window feeders offer an ideal platform for the use of sunflower hearts as bird feed. By attaching these feeders to your window, you bring the captivating world of birds right into your living space. Sunflower hearts, being a favourite among many bird species, attract feathered visitors for close-up observation.
  • Squirrel-proof Feeders: Sunflower hearts are a favourite among not only birds but also squirrels, and these clever animals can quickly deplete a feeder intended for birds. Squirrel-proof feeders are designed with mechanisms to deter squirrels and ensure that the sunflower hearts are reserved for avian visitors.

Are sunflower hearts edible?

Yes, sun flower hearts are highly edible and nutritious for birds. They are the inner, meaty part of the sunflower seed, free from the hard outer shell. This makes sunflower hearts an easily consumable and energy-rich food source for a variety of bird species. Many birds, such as finches, tits, nuthatches, and thrushes, find sunflower hearts particularly appealing. Offering sunflower hearts in bird feeders can attract a diverse range of birds to your garden, providing them with essential nutrients for their health and well-being.

Will Robins eat sunflower hearts?

Robins are primarily ground feeders and insectivores, and their natural diet consists of worms, insects, suet, and seeds. While robins may not be as commonly associated with eating sunflower hearts as some other bird species, they are known to be opportunistic feeders. Robins will visit bird feeders containing sunflower hearts, especially during harsh weather conditions or when their natural food sources are limited. My Robin and Me Mix includes all of the robin's favourite food and is excellent for enticing them to visit any outdoor space.

Are sunflower hearts bad for dogs?

No, bird sunflower hearts are not poisonous to dogs and are generally safe to eat in moderation. When feeding sunflower hearts to garden birds, one advantage is that there is minimal risk of harm if your dog were to accidentally consume them. Since sunflower hearts are typically sold without shells, there is no sharp or indigestible outer layer that could pose a threat to your dog's digestive system. As with any new addition to your dog's diet, observe their reactions and consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns. It's crucial to ensure that any sunflower hearts or other bird food your dog may have access to are free from harmful additives, such as salt or seasonings. Always opt for plain, unsalted varieties to prevent any potentially harmful effects on your dog's health.


We, at Ivel Valley Bird Food, understand the challenges many of our customers are facing with the cost-of-living crisis. Feeding garden birds and caring for wildlife is one of life's simple pleasures that everyone should be able to enjoy, yet many have found it increasingly difficult with the rise of inflation. As part of our commitment to serving you and your garden birds better, we are pleased to announce that we will be lowering the price of Sunflower Hearts. Effective immediately, we have taken concrete steps to ensure that the cost of our sunflower hearts is significantly reduced and stays that way for as long as attainable. By doing so, we aim to make this nutritious and beloved product more accessible to all our customers, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our goal is to contribute to your well-being and provide a measure of relief during these challenging times.

Note: Due to how our Sunflower Hearts are processed and packed, these are not suitable for human consumption. 

Packaging: 2kg bags of seed are oxo-biodegradable and can be disposed of alongside normal recycled plastics. 12.55kg seed options come in a fully recyclable paper sack, and our cardboard boxes are also made from recycled materials.

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