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House Martin Double Nest

House Martin Double Nest

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Have you ever seen those birds that make fascinating cup-shaped nests out of mud? Those birds are likely to be the beautiful house martins. This nest mimics those mud cups to entice house martins to nest in your garden. They also prefer to nest in colonies which is why this is a 2-in-1 nest box; two separate nest pockets for two house martin pairs to raise a family; a lot of excitement indeed!

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House martins migrate to the UK in March-April, where they'll be preparing for the nesting season. Now is the perfect opportunity to get these nest pockets up, ready for their arrival. They'll be exhausted after their long journey, and you'll be giving them a huge helping hand by saving them the trouble of searching for material to build a nest entirely. 

Made from eco-friendly woodstone and FSC-certified wood, this nest will provide a solid, safe home for house martins to raise their brood.

Where to put a House martin nest box?

House martins like to nest underneath the eaves (the part of a roof that meets/ overhangs the walls) of the outer walls of buildings. So, under the exterior eaves of your home or outbuilding will be a great place to site your house martin nest box. Make sure you place it at a minimum height of 2m above the ground.

What do house martins eat?

House martins feed on flying insects, and we all know too well come Spring/Summer, they'll have an all-you-can-eat buffet to enjoy. This bird also has a particular fondness for aphids which can be a common enemy for gardeners. So, if you are having trouble with tiny bugs ruining your plants, house martins may just be the bird who can help!

Dimension: Width 38cm x Length 12cm x Height 16.5cm


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