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Swift Nest Box

Swift Nest Box

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Did you know swifts pair for life? They meet at the same nest site every spring and lay two to three eggs. Help these love birds by providing a beautiful nesting spot to raise a new brood every year. You'll also be helping a bird in need, as the swift population has declined by 53% between 1995 and 2016.

Product Details

Swifts need your help! Their population has plummeted, with over a 50% loss since 1995. The main reason behind this comes down to the decline in natural nesting spots. Swifts prefer to nest in gaps high up in homes and buildings. But with increased activity of home refurbishments to have fewer nooks and crannies or old houses being demolished completely, this leaves swifts with very few places to nest.

Fortunately, we can change their odds to a more positive outcome by doing one simple thing...put a swift nest box up! Now is the perfect time to get one up before their arrival at the end of April.

A nest box like this will make a perfect home for a swift pair. Made of strong FSC® wood, your swifts will feel safe and warm in the home you've provided. 

The nest box also has a rear hole for easy cleaning if another species uses it, as swifts are very clean.

Where to put a swift nest box?

You'll want to site this nest box on a flat surface as high as possible (ideally +5 meters from the ground) the exterior of your home or outer building. You can secure the nest box to a flat surface using four screws. Make sure the box has a clear flight path below the nest. 

Dimensions: Height: 22cm x Width: 44 cm x Depth: 22 cm

Weight: 2.1kg approx.


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