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Niger Seed

Niger Seed

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The UK's favourite bird seed for attracting small, beautiful birds to your garden. Niger Seeds (pronounced: nai·juh·seedz) are high in healthy oils, proteins, and fibre, making this the perfect feed to put out all year round. Your garden birds will particularly appreciate Niger Seeds during the winter months, as this high-calorie food will help them store fat and keep warm.

Niger Seeds for birds have soft husks that make them easy to crack through, so soft billed birds like Goldfinches, Greenfinches and Thrushes will appreciate a peck at these seeds. 

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Use Niger Seed to attract Goldfinches to your garden 

What is Niger Seed?

Niger Seed, also known as Nyger, Nyjer or Thistle Seed, is a tiny, black seed rich in oil and high in nutrition. Niger Seeds come from the Guizotia flower, grown and harvested in countries with warmer climates, such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, southeast Asia and India. In those parts of the world, it is predominantly used in cooking, but here in the UK, we've found a different use for these tiny seeds - bird feeding!

What birds eat Niger Seeds?

The Niger Seed is a firm favourite for the smaller species of wild birds and is exceptionally good for enticing Finches and Tits into your garden. Their sharp-pointed beaks act as the perfect tool to crack open the tiny shell of the black Niger Seed. Other wild bird species that will enjoy feeding on Niger Seeds include:

  • Collared Dove
  • Sparrows
  • Redpoll
  • Siskin
  • Turtle Dove

How To Feed Niger Seed

Due to their small size, Niger Seeds for birds are best fed in a specially-made Niger Seed feeder. Our Niger Seed Feeders are designed to accommodate the tiny size of the Niger Seeds, meaning the seeds won't fall out, and only birds with small beaks can get to them. This is great if you're looking to exclude larger or more common birds (like Pigeons or Magpies) from feeding in your garden.

What do Niger Seeds go well with?

If you want to attract more of a variety of bird species, why not mix your Niger Seeds with other premium bird food. We have an assortment to choose from that goes well with Niger Seeds, such as Sunflower Hearts, Suet Pellets, Peanut Granules, Mealworms and much more! We even have bird seed mixes containing Niger Seeds ready to put out for your birds to enjoy. 

How Do I Attract More Birds?

If it's the quantity of birds you are looking for, the more bird feeders, the better! Apply numerous feeders around your garden, so wild birds can access them from different points. Bird feeders come in different shapes and sizes that are tailored to all species. From Ground Feeders to Squirrel Proof Feeders, we have a wide selection to meet your garden bird's needs.


Packaging: 2kg bags of seed are oxo-biodegradable and can be disposed of alongside normal recycled plastics. 12.55kg seed options come in a fully recyclable paper sack, and our cardboard boxes are also made from recycled materials.


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