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Seed Bundle - 12.55kg Sunflower Chips and 12.55kg Peanut Granules

Seed Bundle - 12.55kg Sunflower Chips and 12.55kg Peanut Granules

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The ideal Fledgling duo of products! In this box you'll receive 12.55kg Sunflower Chips and 12.55kg Peanut Granules, each packaged in one of our 100% recyclable paper sacks. 

Product Details

Bundle contains: 

12.55kg Sunflower Chips

12.55kg Peanut Granules


Sunflower Chips are a smaller alternative to whole sunflower hearts, these sunflower chips are packed with the same healthy nutrients as their whole counterparts. Birds with small or soft beaks can break through and digest them easier making them ideal for smaller birds.

Peanut Granules are the perfect all-rounder wild bird feed as they don't require a specialist feeder to use. They can be fed in any kind of seed feeder, on bird tables and even on the ground. As they're not seeds, you won't run the risk of unwanted plants growing in the garden if you use the granules on the ground. This makes them a great bird feed for ground feeding birds as well as seed feeders.


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