With the cost-of-living crisis and rise of inflation, we understand that topping up bird feeders and keeping the tummies of your feathered friends full has become challenging. Feeding garden birds and caring for wildlife is one of life's simple pleasures that everyone should be able to enjoy. Which is why we've come up with some top tips and affordable recommendations to help care for your garden birds!

The truth behind cheap bird food

It's easy to get your hands on cheaply-priced bird food, especially if you're in well-known bargain stores. However, it's imperative not to feed your garden birds cheap, low-quality food as they hold very little health benefits. In most cases of cheaply priced food for birds, the content is very high in 'filler foods' – these are the cheapest and low-quality ingredients that have very little nutritional value and are more likely to attract the less desirable bird species, such as rooks, pigeons, magpies, jackdaws and crows. It's the cheap ingredients that will fill up the bags more and allows the companies to significantly cut down on manufacturing costs and price. 

High-quality bird food at affordable prices

There's no reason to burn a hole in your pocket to feed your garden birds decent quality bird food. We have plenty of affordable options available that hold excellent avian health benefits and will attract a variety of beautiful birds to visit. 

Keep birds hydrated without an expensive birdbath

In the UK, we are very fortunate to have easy access to clean water, which is the only liquid birds require to stay hydrated and keep their feathers clean. There's no need for an expensive fancy bird bath; any shallow dish or bowl with 1-2 inch depth will work perfectly! Just make sure to clean it out and refill it with clean water regularly.

Invest in a caged bird feeder

Like us, you probably enjoy caring for all wildlife, but there are those garden greedies that just love to hog all the food, especially: squirrels, pigeons, and crows. These guys certainly know how to get through bird food and empty feeders quickly, leaving you having to spend more money to replenish it. Investing in a caged or squirrel-proof bird feeder will help you save money in the long run. With it, the greedy pests won't be able to access and hog all the food, and the small beautiful birds will have a chance to enjoy a delicious meal.

Household bird food 

On weeks when money gets a bit tight, it's understandable that bird food won't be at the top of your essentials shopping list... yet our heartstrings still pull when garden birds arrive at their empty feeders looking for food. But did you know your kitchen probably has plenty to offer to your garden birds? Here are just a few everyday foods you can find in any kitchen that your garden birds will enjoy eating.

Fruit-  apples, oranges, grapes, and berries are just some favourites for garden birds. Not only are they delicious, but they make a great nutritional meal!  

Rice and Pasta- cooked plain pasta or rice can serve as an excellent source of carbohydrates for birds. It provides them energy and can be a valuable addition to their diet.

Lard- pork fat is similar to suet and the perfect alternative to giving birds energy. During winter weather and the nesting season, birds require ample amounts of fat to meet their high-energy needs. This is crucial as their body reserves are rapidly depleted, especially during cold winter nights. Lard will help them stay warm and maintain their energy levels.

Affordable Bird Feeders

Our range of affordable bird feeders is designed to bring joy and life to your garden without breaking the bank. Our collection offers a variety of high-quality feeders at affordable prices, ensuring that feeding and observing birds becomes an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Affordable Nest Boxes & Roosters

You can also find budget-friendly nest boxes and roosters that will provide a cosy, safe home for your garden birds to enjoy all year round. Our nest boxes are crafted with durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and provide a safe and comfortable shelter for nesting birds. We believe that offering affordable options should not compromise the quality and functionality of nest boxes.